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Community Engagement

The Healthier Drinking Culture project team will be holding community listening sessions in June to continue gathering community perspectives on what ‘healthy’ means in the context of our drinking culture, inform an understanding of the current drinking culture, identify community values and experiences, and clarify opportunities for change. 

These sessions build on the recently completed community survey that yielded over 1,000 responses and stakeholder interviews with over 70 organizations that influence and/or are influenced by the drinking culture. These listening sessions are another step in developing a strategic plan that will include specific short and long-term community action steps.

Sessions will last for one hour and include up to twelve participants each. All sessions will be held via Zoom and will require participants to pre-register online. After registering, participants will receive a confirmation email that contains details on how to join their session. Click the pre-registration link below to sign up to participate in a session that represents your perspective—please sign up for only one session. If sessions are full, you will also receive a notification and information about other ways to share your ideas and feedback.

Session Date & Time    AudienceRegistration Link
June 7, 12 pmRestaurant, Bar + Tasting Room EmployeesPre-Register Here
June 8, 12 pmNeighborhoodsPre-Register Here
June 14, 12 pmTour Operators (five-county area whose work touches downtown)Pre-Register Here
June 14, 7 pmNeighborhoodsPre-Register Here
June 15, 12 pmBrew, Paddle + Wine Tour ParticipantsPre-Register Here
June 15, 7 pmDowntown customers/business patronsPre-Register Here
June 21, 7 pmFolks who don’t drink alcohol Pre-Register Here
June 22, 7 pmNeighborhoodsPre-Register Here
June 24, 7 pmRestaurant, Bar + Tasting Room EmployeesPre-Register Here

The sessions will ask questions related to: 

  • Personal experiences 
    • What have you seen and experienced that’s working well related to the community’s drinking culture?
    • What have you seen and experienced that’s not working well related to the community’s drinking culture?
  • Desired ideal future experiences related to the community’s drinking culture
    • What actions and behaviors align with your ideal for the drinking culture?
  • Hopes and expectations of others
    • What do you want the City/DDA/Police, people who consume alcohol, businesses serving alcohol, tour and event hosts, and service providers to do or not do?
  • Expectations related to personal role 
    • What are you willing and able to do to contribute to a healthy drinking culture?